I’ll Be On 2 Panels at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago August 14-16

If you’re a Beatles fan in Chicago this weekend you can’t miss the Fest for Beatles Fans – it’s like Comic-con for Beatles maniacs!

On Saturday at 7pm I’ll be talking about 1965: THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY YEAR IN MUSIC with AL SUSSMAN, author of CHANGIN’ TIMES: 100 DAYS THAT SHAPED A GENERATION.

And on Sunday at 3:15 PM BEATLES EXPERT TOM FRANGIONE and I will be talking about JOHN’S BEATLE SONGS VS. PAUL’S BEATLE SONGS: A YEAR BY YEAR COMPARISON, exploring their contrasting personas, their competition for the A-side, how their productivity compared in different years, and the different themes they covered.

I’ll also be part of the MEET THE AUTHORS event on Friday at 5:30.

Otherwise I will be at a table in the marketplace selling my books so stop by!

There are tons of special guests and events going on all weekend. Not to mention an explosion of Beatle merchandise. The link to the schedule is below.



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