UK’s Best-selling song of ’65: “I’ll Never Find Another You”

The Australian folk quartet named the Seekers topped the British charts with this song written and produced by Dusty Springfield’s brother Tom, and also reached No. 4 in the US with it.

Tom and Dusty had their own folk-pop group the Springfields from 1960 to 1964 — their 1962 track “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” was the first British single to crack the US Top 20 — and when Dusty went solo Tom begin writing and producing hits for the Seekers, including their other 1965 singles “The Carnival Is Over” and “A World of Our Own.”

They also benefited from another folk artist named Paul Simon, who spent much of 1965 in London trying to make it as a solo singer before his song with Art Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence,” became a hit. Simon penned “Red Rubber Ball” with the Seekers’ Bruce Woodley, and wrote “Someday One Day” for the group as well.

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